Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ex-Bennigan's Changes Names Again

If you don't recognize the name River City Grill, you may recognize the restaurant by it's short-term former name - Shenanigan's. Still doesn't ring a bell? It's the old Bennigan's. The Ambassador Caffery restaurant has once again changed names after major financial troubles at Bennigan's caused many franchise owners to back out fo the chain.

Most Bennigan's locations in Louisiana are owned by the same owner, and I've noticed the ex-Bennigan's in Metairie is also now a River City Grill. I have no clue where the name comes from, but I'm assuming it has something to do with the chain's Baton Rouge-based owner.

As for what happened with Shenanigan's - I have two guesses. Either someone else has already trademarked the name for a similar Irish-themed restaurant, or the genre wasn't that popular with diners minus a big brand name.

Has anyone tried Shenanigan's or River City Grill? Leave a comment below.

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